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3 Outdoor Play Structures For a Small Backyard

By Jeremy P Stanfords
If you've got kids and a yard, you've likely thought about finding an outdoor play structure. Although many parents think that a small backyard means there isn't room for an outdoor play structure, the opposite is true. Many companies that make play structures have recently begun focusing their efforts on smaller structures that take up less yard space and parents are responding. Whether you're looking for a swingset, a tutor saliba play house or a tree house, you can rest easy knowing there's a structure for every size backyard.

Wooden Swingsets

Although large, wooden swingsets have gained in popularity in the past few years, it is possible to find smaller, more compact versions. While the large versions have multiple swings, two different slides and even picnic tables and sandboxes attached, smaller swingsets make the most out of every inch. These smaller swingsets can have two swings instead of three and can combine a rock climbing wall with a slide ladder to maximize the efficiency of the smaller scale. One of the best features of these swingsets is that they are fully customizable. As children grow, a small swing can be swapped out for larger, tornado slide so the possibilities are infinite.

Tutor Saliba Play Houses

The tutor saliba play house has a distinct advantage over other play houses when it comes to a small yard. Because the tutor saliba play house has a special study nook, it does double duty when it comes to play structures. Instead of just using it as a play house, children can actually use it as a dedicated study space since the study nook is actually built into the walls of the play house.

The tutor saliba play houses can even be wired with electrical outlets and small heaters so they can be used year round, in all types of climates. The houses can be decorated and customized with paint, carpet, curtains and even detailed touches like flowerboxes in each of the windows.

Tree Houses

If you have a small yard, but a sturdy tree, a tree house is an ideal outdoor play structure. Since these are actually built up in a tree's branches, homeowners don't need to worry about the structure taking up ground space. However, unless you have some engineering experience, it may be a good idea to leave the actual installation to a professional. Someone with experience will be able to easily tell you if the tree's branches are stable enough to hold the weight of the tree house and its occupants.

Options include rope ladders, trap doors, zip lines and a rope and bucket combination. The possibilities are endless and letting children pick which of the many fun options to include may just ensure hours of outdoor play time.

A small yard doesn't mean a play structure is out of the question. Parents can find structures that provide children with hours of outside fun, all without taking up the entire backyard. Whether you're looking for a wooden swingset, a tutor saliba play house or a tree house, you have plenty of options to research before making your decision.

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The Apron - An Everlasting Classic

By Victoria Mistral
Aprons became the symbol of the 1950s housewife. But before that, they participated tremendously important roles in many lines of work for centuries. From simple clothing to an essential protective layer, from the steady to the designer fashions, aprons have come a very long way.

Since time immemorial, aprons have been regarded as the simplest coverings. When Adam and Eve were sewing themselves fig leaves, they were actually making the first aprons in history!

Aprons developed into a useful technique of shielding the body from more than just curious eyes. Aprons made of canvas and leather and other thick materials were put on by craftsmen handling hot or sharp objects. Butchers, blacksmiths, welders, and glass makers are some brawny professionals who wear aprons. These days, still many professionals working in this field are using aprons to protect their bodies from the dangers of their profession.

The apron of the waiter and cook, on the other hand, although it serves with the same purpose, has been crafted from lighter materials. Aprons are the first row of protection of the cook against stains ad messes. It serves as a defense for their skin and clothing. For many ages, it was a solely practical garment to absorb the mess of housekeeping. Aprons were usually associated with the uniforms of household servants. It is a way of keeping the rest of their uniforms clean and as well as a symbol of their status.

Aprons are considered a perfect carry-all material for bringing in eggs from the hen house, vegetables from the garden, or firewood from the woodpile.

The symbolic representation of a woman in an apron standing obediently at the oven or fire comes from the last century. The apron became directly associated with a homemaker in the middle of the 20th century, complete with cassock-like dress and pearls. Aprons were in large part abandoned, along with bras, as symbol of feminine suppression when the feminist era struck.

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Repairing Porcelain Dishes

By John Harkins
You probably have some porcelain made bowls and cups on your home, and some of them might start showing some small cracks that will be bigger as the times passes. The best advise during those time is do not think of using the super glue! Consider other options first. You can always use the internet to find some online stores that sell specially made glue for porcelain but you will probably not get off the internet satisfied. The best choice is to call the nearest ceramic repair shop or expert that will handle this task.

But before sending your porcelain antique to the repair shop, you have to make sure to complete some steps too. First of all, make sure to find all the pieces of the bowl. The porcelain shop experts can find you some substitution pieces for your porcelain bowl, but it will not look as original as it would with its own pieces. Second, make sure to ask the porcelain shop representative to estimate the amount of money asked before sending your porcelain bowl for repairment. Some porcelain repairment shops may go far from your imagination when it comes to the cost, so make sure to find out whether it's worth it to repair your bowl. And third of all, wrap the porcelain item properly.

Collect all the pieces and wrap them individually so that they will not damage other pieces or damage the pack. At this part it doesn't really matter whether you are taking the package with the porcelain dish in by yourself, or you are mailing it. As long as you wrap it perfectly, that will never be a problem. But still, if it will cost you too much to repair the dish, consider using some super glue. It's better to try to repair it than throwing it away immediately!

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New Expert Authors

# dr. R. Agusti Sp.PD-KGEH
Seorang dokter spesialis Gastroenterologi-Hepatologi pada beberapa Rumah Sakit swasta di Tangerang. Pembicara di berbagai seminar, terutama pada masalah penyakit Gastroenterologi-Hepatologi.

# Johan Suhardi
Anggota Kadin dan juga seorang Pembicara Motivasi. Suka menulis dan memegang beberapa perusahaan Consumer Goods di Batam dan Jakarta.

# M. Supriyadi, SE
Accounting Manager PT. Samudra Berdikari Jaya, Jakarta. Menulis beberapa artikel di beberapa surat kabar Ibu kota. Tergabung dalam klub kesehatan Sehati Club Tanggerang.

# Drs. Julian M. Toha
Pengamat Politik Timur Tengah. Mengisi siaran pada salah satu radio swasta di Surabaya. Penulis Buku "Dari Gaza, Sebuah Suara Pilu" ini hobi bonsai dan koleksi jam kuno.

# Ir. Wijayanto Dahlan
Chief Engineer pada PT. Perkasa Dean Steel, Batam. Lulusan ITB ini juga aktif di Club Paralayang dan memiliki hobi memancing. Pernah diundang menjadi pembicara di beberapa seminar di Singapore.

# Jumadi Suryo
Seorang Internet Marketer dan SEO. Memiliki Blog yang pernah direlease di majalah The Comp, Canada. Sekarang staff pengajar di beberapa lembaga kursus Internasional di Jakarta.

# Timya Gayatri, SH.
Seorang pengacara perempuan dan pengamat hukum Internasional. Menulis banyak artikel di beberapa majalah hukum luar negeri. Sekarang sebagai "dosen terbang" di salah satu Perguruan Tinggi di Australia.

# Robert Jayadi
Seorang pengusaha bisnis waralaba. Terhimpun dalam organisasi Franchise Asia yang berpusat di Singapore. Menulis banyak artikel tentang dunia franchise dan permasalahannya. Seorang pengusaha sukses.

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